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Jerry Williams Memorial Fund
for Prevention of Older Adult Suicide
$50,000 Funding Opportunity for FY2024-25


The Jerry Williams Memorial was established in 2023, with support of the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, to honor the memory of Jerry Williams who lost his life to suicide at age 74, and to continue his commitment to helping others. The Jerry Williams Memorial Fund is dedicated to saving the lives of older adults, a group often lost in suicide prevention outreach activities. Eligible applicants include Ohio-based suicide prevention organizations, programs, services, and efforts targeting the geriatric population (65+).


Jerry Williams was a bit of a renaissance man. He was a much-loved husband and father who worked hard and sacrificed whatever was necessary to protect his family. He was strong, determined, and smart; with just a high school degree he rose through the ranks of a major corporation to become an executive. At the same time, he was an avid motorcycle rider and the ultimate prankster. He was always ready to help raise someone up, lend an ear, and share a smile and a laugh.


Jerry Williams didn’t seem to be what many believe to be the “type” of person to consider suicide. Yet, he took his life in 2011, two days shy of his 75th birthday. The fact that he didn’t seem “the type” shone a light on what is a tragic gap in suicide prevention efforts. The truth is that there is an overwhelming stigma associated with aging that, when combined with the stigma that surrounds mental health and suicide, has proven lethal to older adults.


Although, per capita, the majority of suicide occurs among people over the age of 65, there is little focus placed on research and prevention among this cohort.

The Jerry Williams Memorial Fund was created to correct this oversight. The Fund supports the development of creative, yet practical, ideas of how best to tackle stigma and reach senior adults to reduce the rising rate of suicide among them.


Application deadline is no later than August 16, 2024.

Fill out the application below!

Requirements for Application Essay (maximum 3 pages)

  •  Abstract: Brief overview of project and information about the applicant and ability to complete the project

  • Problem Statement: Document the problem or need with data and or references relevant to purpose of Jerry Williams Memorial Fund goals and priorities.

  • Project/Program Goals and Objectives: Identify anticipated outcomes and benefits in measurable terms.

  • Implementation Plan: Describe the activities that support the achievement of the objectives.

  • Evaluation Plan: Describe the plan for determining the success of the project.

  • Dissemination Plan: Post-project possibilities for dissemination of project results/recommendations.

  • Budget: Identify how funds will be allocated.

Please either copy and paste your application essay in the following field or upload a pdf/word document below.

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